Our Mission

To reconcile men back to there families and to bring men closer to God. We are a 501(c)3 organization and cannot do this without the help of supporters like you. Please make your money order or check to Stepping Into The Light Ministry 1402 Hebert Street Saint Louis, MO 63107 if you want to help.

We encourage you to continue looking through our website and gain as much knowledge on our Ministry as you can so you can better understand who we are and who these men are that come to get there lives together. We have an 80% success rate meaning that 8 out of 10 men who graduate our program remain sober. This is amazing and we thank God everyday for his mercy on us.

Last Will and Testament

If you would like to leave a donation to us in a will then you can call us at 314-241-5562 or 314-231-5175 and let us know. We appreciate all the donations that we recieve and will be more than happy to guide you in putting Stepping Into The Light Ministry in your will to help us to keep the doors open for these men of God who are bound by drugs and alcohol.

bishop "We are striving everyday to make Stepping Into The Light Ministry a livable place for the men. We work hard to make sure that the ministry is running and the men in it are learning something new everyday. Each day that God blesses us with we take advantage of it and grasp hold of what the Lord blesses us with."

Bishop Jerome Bracely

Our Bishop & Pastor

  • Bishop Jerome Bracely

    Bishop, Executive Director and a father to the clients here at Stepping Into The Light.

  • Pastor Doris Bracely

    Pastor, Assistant Executive Director and a mother to the clients here at SILM.